Twenty Five Reasons Parents Love Presby Kids

We surveyed our parents, staff and board members and asked them to identify the strengths of Presby Kids. The groups agreed that the strengths were inter-related and collectively defined why Presby Kids is such a remarkable preschool. In all, 25 specific strengths were identified.

  1. The staff, including the innovative and energetic director, are experienced, highly qualified, and talented; they love teaching young children.
  2. The facility is bright, inviting, spacious, comfortable, and well-equipped for learning.
  3. Presby has a caring and affirming culture where every child is treasured.
  4. The school, founded in 1968, is long-established, and has a stable, dedicated, and happy staff.
  5. Presby’s play-based curriculum is grounded in sound principles of early child development.
  6. The teachers foster resilience, problem solving skills, confidence & self-esteem.
  7. At Presby, learning is fun & imagination is encouraged!
  8. The upbeat and warm, welcoming environment is uniquely Presby!
  9. Both the 4’s and the Pre-K graduates are well-prepared for success in kindergarten.
  10. Presby regularly receives accolades from local public school teachers, and the school maintains a close relationship with area elementary schools.
  11. Age-appropriate STEM is integrated into teaching and learning.
  12. Presby hosts special programming for families throughout the year.
  13. The arts & crafts programming develops fine motor skills and inspires creativity; the projects sent home become family treasures.
  14. The curriculum emphasizes health, wellness, nutrition and mindfulness.
  15. The school has a gymnasium (Brooks Hall) for indoor play & fitness.
  16. Parents are always encouraged to observe & engage in activities with the children.
  17. The playground and surrounding lawns are wonderful for outdoor play and exploration.
  18. The school takes safety and security seriously, and has sound policies and procedures in place.
  19. The staff is responsive to both the parents’ requests and the individual needs of the children.
  20. Presby Kids is well-run—efficient and effective, but also ethical and compassionate.
  21. The staff provides timely, thoughtful and professional communications with parents
  22. Presby’s location is easily accessed from Fairfield, Easton & Trumbull; it’s near the Merritt Parkway with convenient access to Black Rock Turnpike.
  23. Parents love the flexible before and after-school hours & the popular summer program.
  24. The school will always go the extra mile in meeting the needs of parents and children.
  25. Presby focuses on the whole child—mind, body, personhood, citizenship, and sense of self.