For children ages 3 thru 5, the OEC recommends a minimum 5-day quarantine policy. The first day of a known exposure is considered Day 0. On Day 5, an at-home or PCR test should be taken and, if negative, the child may return to preschool on Day 6. However, for children ages 3 thru 5, preschools may elect a longer 10-day quarantine policy. Presby Kids has elected to adhere to the 5-day policy, although several area preschools have set the 10-day policy.


For children under the age of 3, the OEC recommends a 10-day quarantine policy. This affects our 2’s class only.


The public schools do not have a quarantine policy; the difference is due to vaccination eligibility. Presby Kids serves a unique population of very young children. While the students in public school are eligible to be vaccinated, there are currently only a couple of children of vaccination age enrolled at Presby Kids.


We can happily report the 2021-2022 school year has been an improvement over the challenges of the 2020-2021 school year. Most notably:

  • Presby Kids has been able to stay open.

  • Families have been able to come into the school building.

  • Planned special events have resumed.

  • Fairfield Public Schools considered lengthening the Christmas break, but we decided to adhere to our original calendar.


As a Board, we strive for transparency and encourage you to share any concerns. Our Director, Janelle DiLorenzo, is constantly adjusting policies and procedures to comply with the OEC and to keep Presby Kids happy and thriving during these unprecedented times. The welfare of the children is always her utmost priority.


We hope that we can continue to minimize any interruptions to the school year and parent schedules. We also pray that the number of COVID cases in our state will continue to decrease. Let’s all look forward to an early Spring!



The Presby Kids Board