For children ages 3 thru 5, the OEC currently recommends a minimum 5-day quarantine policy. The first day of a known exposure is considered Day 0. On Day 5, an at-home or PCR test should be taken and, if negative, the child may return to preschool on Day 6.

For children under the age of 3, the OEC recommends a 10-day quarantine policy. This affects our 2’s and Tiny Tots classes.

As a Board, we strive for transparency and encourage you to share any concerns. Our Director, Janelle DiLorenzo, regularly adjusts policies and procedures to comply with the CT OEC and to keep Presby Kids happy and thriving during these unprecedented times. The welfare of the children is always her utmost priority.

We strive to minimize any interruptions to our school year and parent schedules.



The Presby Kids Board