Handwashing Fun!!!


Handwashing is an important skill taught in nursery school. Please see the article below for fun and creative ways to reinforce this positive habit at home. https://www.makingmotherhoodmatter.com/hand-washing-for-kids/

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It is crucial that we foster confidence in early childhood. Take a peak at the following link for some tips on how to do so! https://childmind.org/article/4-small-ways-to-build-confidence-in-kids/


Twenty Five Reasons To Love Presby Kids


We surveyed our parents, staff and board members and asked them to identify the strengths of Presby Kids. The groups agreed that the strengths were inter-related and collectively defined why Presby Kids is such a remarkable preschool. In all, 25 specific strengths were identified. The staff, including the innovative and energetic director, are

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Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside!


We might be learning about hibernation, but that doesn't mean Presby Kids are going to hibernate! Outdoor play is essential in all seasons. Take a look at the attached article for some info on the benefits of cold weather outdoor play. See you on the playground! https://www.med.upenn.edu/antibiotics/newsletters/2017_5.1_January.pdf

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