Binding Tuition Agreement

Presby Kids happily accepts your child into our school community for the upcoming academic year. Children are accepted for the entire school year or for the remainder of the school year if enrolled after the opening date.
Child's Name(Required)
I understand that I am responsible for the balance of the year’s tuition in the event of withdrawal. Extraordinary circumstances may be considered for the following reasons: the specific request from Presby Kids with just cause, or for verified medical conditions which preclude participation in the program.(Required)
I understand that a $150 Enrollment Fee & one month’s tuition is due at enrollment and the second tuition installment is due by June 1st. The balance, or next payment, is due on September 1st, and semi-annual or installment payments are due on the FIRST of the appropriate month thereafter.
Any bank fees incurred by the school will be passed to the parent/guardian responsible for the student.
Tuition Schedule Agreement(Required)