At Presby Kids, we promote and encourage independence, confidence and a love of learning. We provide activities and media that foster social and emotional development, cognitive development, gross motor and fine motor development, verbal expression, visual skills, and  auditory skills

The curriculum is a developmentally appropriate multi-cultural program with many opportunities for experiential learning. There is a strong emphasis on socialization and language. A typical day may include story, song, finger play, music, blocks, easel work, imaginary play (kitchen, dress-up, loft), simple science, nature, math (sorting, categorizing and graphing), puzzles, play dough, water table and sand table.  The children are provided with a variety of materials and media including many opportunities for STEM. Our curriculum provides daily opportunities to foster self-help skills and problem-solving skills and always encourages independence, compassion and empathy.

Our goal is to provide a nurturing and enriching preschool experience where children develop a love of learning.

For more information on our age specific curriculum goals, please see the program page.